Dr Khor Swee Kheng

Hello, my name is Swee Kheng. I’m a physician currently working in health systems, health policies and global health. I’ve spent my life in five health sectors in >90 countries, working in various organisations and health systems.


Our shared dream is Health for All. These pages contain my published thoughts on health systems, health policies and global health, especially in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.


Note on COVID-19:

My op-eds, lectures & interviews are collected here.


Council on Foreign Relations (for the Global Health Initiative)

Council on Councils (an initiative of the Council on Foreign Relations)

South China Morning Post (op-eds in Hong Kong)

Vital Signs (column in The Star, Malaysia)

ISSUES (monographs for Penang Institute, Malaysia)

Malaysiakini (essays for Malaysiakini)

The Edge (longer essays to The Edge, Malaysia)

New Mandala (on Southeast Asia, hosted by Australia National University)

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