Hello, my name is Swee Kheng.


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Council on Foreign Relations (for the Global Health Initiative)

Council on Councils (an initiative of the Council on Foreign Relations)

South China Morning Post (op-eds in Hong Kong)

Vital Signs (column in The Star, Malaysia)

ISSUES (monographs for Penang Institute, Malaysia)

Malaysiakini (essays for Malaysiakini)

The Edge (longer essays to The Edge, Malaysia)

New Mandala (on Southeast Asia, hosted by Australia National University)


Health: The Nuts & Bolts (radio show on BFM)

Health Matters (TV show on Astro Awani)

Public Talks & Lectures


I am currently an independent consultant for the World Health Organisation.

I receive fair value compensation for my columns in The Edge (Malaysia), Straits Times (Singapore) and South China Morning Post (Hong Kong).

I do not receive any financial benefit, compensation or other consideration from my work for the Malaysian Health Coalition or its member societies, or from my fellowships, other writings for other platforms, or any speaking & media engagements. Since April 2019, I do not receive any regular salary or benefit from any organisations, companies, legal entities or individuals. I hold no shares in any companies, and declare no conflicts of interest.

Professional Intro

I am a Malaysian physician with international experience in the public, private, non-profit, academic and think-tank sectors. Currently, I’m an interdisciplinary Health Systems, Health Policies & Global Health practitioner.

Previously, I held progressively senior roles in four practice areas (clinical medicine; refugee & disaster relief; clinical research; and pharma anti-corruption). In these roles, I was based in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai and Paris. From these bases, I covered >90 countries across Asia (including China and Central Asia), Africa, East Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East.

Initially trained as a physician, I have postgraduate degrees in Internal Medicine (Royal College of Physicians), Public Health (Berkeley) and Public Policy (Oxford).

As a fun fact, I can say “thank you” in 65 languages (including Sign Language).

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